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Where to Stay in Popular Cities

Where to Stay in York, England

Best Areas to Stay in York York city centre is actually quite small. It is divided in two halves by the Ouse River. On the south-western side there is the Central Railway Station, with many [more…]

Where to Stay in Nice, France

Best Areas to Stay in Nice, France Promenade des Anglais The Promenade must be listed first. The seafront is the top place to stay in Nice. Some of the best hotels in Nice are situated [more…]

Where to Stay in Milan, Italy

Although you will find many different disticts and areas with hotels, two most popular areas with the highest concentration of hotels are the one around Duomo (cathedral) and the one around Centrale (the main train [more…]

Where to Stay in Lisbon, Portugal

The most popular area to stay in Lisbon is in the streets around Baixa Chiado and Rossio metro stations in the city centre. These places have the highest concentration of hotels, as well as most [more…]

Where to Stay in Prague, Czech Republic

Best Areas to Stay in Prague Although Prague has a population of more than a million and occupies a large area, vast majority of the tourist attractions, culture, nightlife and accommodation capacities are located in [more…]

Where to Stay in Florence, Italy

Where to Stay in Istanbul, Turkey

Where to Stay in Venice, Italy

Perhaps somewhere near water?

Where to Stay in Barcelona, Spain

Where to Stay in London, England

Best Areas to Stay in London A few things to keep in mind: There are thousands of hotels in London. There is something for every taste and every budget (almost). Accommodation options are endless. However, [more…]

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Hotels between Merthyr and Brecon

This page covers hotels between Merthyr Tydfil and Brecon in Wales. First I list hotels just off the A470 road from Merthyr to Brecon (listed from south to north). Then I list a few other [more…]

Oriente Metro Station, Lisbon

Oriente station on the red (vermelha) line of Lisbon metro is situated in Parque das Nacoes in the north-eastern part of Lisbon in the Expo 98 development area. It is part of Lisbon Oriente station, [more…]

Lisbon Oriente Bus Station

Oriente bus terminal is part of the Oriente station complex in the north-east of Lisbon, which also contains Oriente train and metro stations and Vasco de Gama shopping centre. It is one of Lisbon’s two [more…]

Lisbon Oriente Train Station

Oriente is the main railway station for long distance trains in Lisbon. There is also a bus station and a metro station (Oriente – red line). With these all combined, Oriente is the busiest station [more…]

Amoreiras Shopping Center, Lisbon

Amoreiras is the best known shopping centre in Lisbon and a major centre of the city’s life, with more than 250 stores, numerous restaurants, cinemas and plenty of other services. It is located in Avenida [more…]

Colombo Shopping Centre, Lisbon

Colombo is a big shopping centre across the street from Estadio da Luz (Benfica Lisbon football stadium). It is quite far from the city centre in the north-western part of Lisbon, but well-connected via metro [more…]

Which Are the Canary Islands?

The 7 Canary Islands The seven main islands of the Canaries are the following, ordered from north-east to south-west: Lanzarote – the one closest to Europe / first in the north-east; the one with the [more…]

Which Is the Hottest Canary Island?

This is a common question asked especially by those considering a visit to the Canary Islands in winter. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer, because… … the differences in climate or weather between different places [more…]