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Ingerslevsgade, Copenhagen

Ingerslevsgade is a street in Copenhagen city centre, mainly known to visitors as the location of the long distance bus station. For more details about the bus station and related services, please see this page: [more…]

Copenhagen Ingerslevsgade Eurolines Ticket Office

Most international and long distance buses go to the Ingerslevsgade Bus Station in Copenhagen city centre, which also includes Eurolines buses. However, Ingerslevsgade is in fact just a street with bus stops and there is [more…]

DGI-byen Ingerslevsgade, Copenhagen

DGI-byen is a large multi purpose venue in Copenhagen city centre, located just next to the central station. This page is about the DGI-byen centre. If you are looking for information about the bus station, [more…]

Copenhagen Ingerslevsgade Bus Station: Location and Directions

Ingerslevsgade is the main international bus station in Copenhagen. Some people may find it hard to find, because unlike similar stations in other big cities, this one does not really have a terminal building, so [more…]

Copenhagen Ingerslevsgade DGI-byen Bus Station

If you are coming to Copenhagen by bus, you will most likely arrive at “Ingerslevsgade DGI-byen”. Located in the city centre next to the central train station, this is the place where most international and [more…]

Copenhagen Bus Station (Ingerslevsgade)

Copenhagen Ingerslevsgade Bus Station The main international bus station in Copenhagen is Ingerslevsgade. International buses operated by most major companies, including Eurolines, stop here. DGI-Byen In some bus timetables, Copenhagen Bus Station may be listed [more…]