Copenhagen Ingerslevsgade Eurolines Ticket Office

Most international and long distance buses go to the Ingerslevsgade Bus Station in Copenhagen city centre, which also includes Eurolines buses. However, Ingerslevsgade is in fact just a street with bus stops and there is no actual terminal building or ticket office.

Ingerslevsgade Bus Check-In

If you have booked bus tickets online (and printed them), usually you only need to show up at the right stop and just check in with the bus driver. This is not like in some other Eurolines bus stations in other European cities where you first need to go to the check-in counter – not in Copenhagen, at least usually not (ask Eurolines in advance if you are not sure).

Eurolines Ticket Office

If you need to talk to a Eurolines representative (buy tickets other than online, make changes, solve problems etc.), there is a Eurolines office not far from Ingerslevsgade Bus Station. It is less than 5 minutes’ walk away, although not that easy to find if you don’t know where to go.

The address of the office is Halmtorvet, house number 5.

Halmtorvet is a square (torvet = square in Danish), which is quite long, but starts very close to the bus station and the Eurolines office is very close to that end of the square. See map below:

The red marker shows the Eurolines ticket office. Just one block from there to the south-east, next to the railway tracks, you can see triangle-shaped block, which should be labelled DGI-byen (DGI-byen is a large sports, cultural and conference venue). The street between DGI-byen and the railway tracks is Ingerslevsgade – it starts there and runs along the railway tracks for about 2km, but the bus stops are located just next to DGI-byen and the start of that street.

To walk from the bus stops to the Eurolines office it is best to take the small street named Colbjørnsensgade (admittedly street names are not the easiest to remember in this area). The walk should take less than 5 minutes.

Opening Hours

The office is open all day on work days (8:15 to 20:30, or 19:30 on Tuesdays), plus on Saturdays from 10:00 to 14:00. This might change; for current opening times please visit Eurolines Denmark official website or call them at +45 33 88 70 00.

Luggage Storage and Other Services

While there is no actual bus terminal at Ingerslevsgade, all important services are available at the Central train station (Kobenhavn H), which is very close. Obviously, you can’t miss it if you follow the tracks (the station’s entrance is on both sides of the tracks) and you will also see the trains and platforms directly from the bus stops.

Hotels near Ingerslevsgade / Central Station

Being the main transportation hub and with location in the city centre, the area has plenty of accommodation options. There are many hotels for the low and mid budget in the relatively quiet small streets around Halmtorvet – a nice location, quiet and central at the same time. You can search hotels using the form below:

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