Ingerslevsgade, Copenhagen

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Ingerslevsgade is a street in Copenhagen city centre, mainly known to visitors as the location of the long distance bus station. For more details about the bus station and related services, please see this page:


Ingerslevsgade (the street) runs parallel to the main railway tracks, starting close to the central train station (Kobenhavn H) and going to the south-west towards Dybbolsbro and Enghave (two next S-train stations). The street ends at the latter station.

You can see the map below. Ingerslevsgade is the first street next to the railway on the north / north-western side.

The bus station is located near the north-eastern end of Ingerslevsgade, close to the central train station (where the map shows “DGI-byen”, which is a big sports, leisure and conference centre).

Hans Peter Ingerslev

Ingerslevsgade (“gade” means street in Danish) is named after Hans Peter Ingerslev, a Danish minister at the end of the 19th century and one of the people behind the construction of Frihavn, the Free Port of Copenhagen.

Important Places near Ingerslevsgade

The street is quite long (over 2km and spanning three S-train stations) and while there is not much of particular interest in Ingerslevsgade itself, there are many interesting places nearby. Most of them can be found towards the north-eastern end of Ingerslevsgade, around the central station – besides the station itself and the DGI-byen centre it is particularly the Tivoli amusement park, located just across the tracks. Further attractions are situated behind the Tivoli.

There is also a large shopping centre, Fisketorvet (Fish Square) close to Dybbolsbro station, also on the other side of the tracks, near the middle section of Ingerslevsgade.

Next to Enghave station, Ingerslevsgade ends where it arrives to Enghavevej, a major street in the south-western part of Copenhagen’s greater city centre. Interesting places in this area include the Vega music club and Carlsberg brewery (with museum).