Copenhagen Ingerslevsgade DGI-byen Bus Station

If you are coming to Copenhagen by bus, you will most likely arrive at “Ingerslevsgade DGI-byen”. Located in the city centre next to the central train station, this is the place where most international and long distance buses go to. That said, it is not really a bus station as you would expect – just a street with bus stops. All the infrastructure, including luggage storage, toilets, shops and restaurants can be found in the central train station building, which is some 2 minutes’ walk away and you will see it immediately as you arrive.

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Due to its central location and unrivalled public transport access, the area is a popular place to stay. There are numerous low and mid budget hotels in the streets on the Ingerslevsgade (west) side of the train station, and several higher end hotels on the other side.

Location and Directions

When trying to get to Ingerslevsgade bus station from other places in Copenhagen it is best to simply look for the central train station (Hovedbanegården or København H), which of course has good public transport connections by trains and buses from all parts of the city. You can find detailed directions here, or see the map below.

The red marker in the map shows the Ingerslevsgade bus stops’ location. The train station building is immediately to the north.

Is This My Bus Station?

The bus station is listed under different names in different bus timetables, depending on the carrier and the country. The most common is something like “Copenhagen (or København / Köpenhamn), Ingerslevsgade in opposite of DGI-byen” (used in Eurolines Scandinavia timetables), or “at DGI-byen” or “vid DGI-byen”. DGI-byen is sometimes spelled “DGI-byn” (Swedish); byen/byn means city. As a rule of thumb, whenever you see that your stop’s name includes “Ingerslevsgade” or “DGI”, you can be sure it is this particular stop. Some carriers may list this station simply as “Copenhagen Central Station”.

The other place in Copenhagen where some international buses go to is the Copenhagen Kastrup Airport, but that is not easily confused with this one.

Ingerslevsgade and DGI-byen

The name actually means two things.

Ingerslevsgade is the street, named after a 19th century Danish politician Hans Peter Ingerslev (“gade” means street in Danish).

DGI-byen is the name of the multi-purpose (sports, culture, conferences) venue situated just next to the bus stops. DGI stands for Danske Gymnastik- og Idrætsforeninger (Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations).