Copenhagen Bus Station (Ingerslevsgade)

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Copenhagen Ingerslevsgade Bus Station

The main international bus station in Copenhagen is Ingerslevsgade. International buses operated by most major companies, including Eurolines, stop here.


In some bus timetables, Copenhagen Bus Station may be listed as DGI-Byen. It is just a different name for the same bus station as Ingerslevsgade. DGI-Byen is a multi-functional congress, restaurant, and sports centre at the corner of Ingerslevsgade and Tietgensgade, right next to the bus stops.

Copenhagen Bus Station Location

Ingerslevsgade is a street name. The street goes parallel to railroad tracks south-west of Copenhagen Main Train Station (Hovedbanegarden), which is only 200 metres away and impossible to overlook, because the tracks are immediately next to Copenhagen Bus Station.

Public Transport Access

Copenhagen Bus Station has excellent public transport connections through the neighbouring main train station. All but one Copenhagen S-train lines stop at the main train station (Kobenhavn H in local timetables). There is also a very busy local bus stop in front of the station in Bernstorffsgade, facing Tivoli Park. In local timetables, the bus stop is listed as Hovedbanegarden, Tivoli.

No Terminal Building in Ingerslevsgade

Many people are surprised that Copenhagen Bus Station is in fact just a street with a few bus stop signs. There is no terminal building. The necessary tourist infrastructure (like luggage storage, internet cafe, toilets, or tourist information) is available at Copenhagen Main Train Station.

Copenhagen Eurolines Office

The office of Eurolines Scandinavia is located at Halmtorvet 5, less than 5 minutes walk (one block) from Copenhagen Bus Station.