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Best Connected Locations in Milan

Where to stay in Milan for 1-2 nights? Somewhere with good public transport links, or near your station:

Autostazione Lampugnano (Milan Bus Station)

Autostazione Lampugnano is the main bus station for international and long-distance buses in Milan. It is not far from the San Siro football stadium and horse racing area. It is on metro line 1 (Lampugnano [more…]

Milan Bus Station (Milano Lampugnano)

Milan Bus Station Milan’s main international bus station is Milano Lampugnano. It is served by most international and long-distance carriers, including Eurolines and Autostradale. Lampugnano Bus Station is located in the north-western part of Milan, [more…]

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Milan Lampugnano Bus Station: Location and Directions

Lampugnano bus station (Autostazione Lampugnano) is located in the north-western part of Milan near San Siro. Search hotels near Lampugnano bus station now Lampugnano Bus Station Map You can see the bus station marked on [more…]