Bahnhofstrasse, Saarbrucken

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Bahnhofstrasse (Train Station Street) is a busy pedestrian street in the centre of Saarbrücken. It links Saarbrücken Train Station and Europa-Gallerie Shopping Centre with St. Johanner Markt. It is about 1.5 km long.

Streets and Places near Bahnhofstrasse

Streets that meet or are located near the start of Bahnhofstrasse in the north-west (train station side) include Trierer Strasse, Reichsstrasse, Faktoreistrasse, and Karl-Marx-Strasse. Just a few metres from its start Bahnhofstrasse crosses Viktoriastrasse. Then there are numerous little streets on both sides, most of them pedestrian or with very little car traffic.

Bahnhofstrasse crosses two relatively bigger streets in the second half: Dudweilerstrasse and Betzenstrasse. Then you are already getting to St. Johanner Markt. Only a few metres away there is Gustav-Regler-Platz, St. Johann Rathaus, and Basilika Sankt Johann.

In the north-east, there is Kaiserstrasse running parallel to Bahnhofstrasse. On the other side there is the Berliner Promenade (at the Saar River embankment).