Racing Kart Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

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Racing Kart Maspalomas

As the largest tourist resort in Gran Canaria, the twin towns of Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés naturally offer so many attractions and activities that you can’t try them all in a week. One of these activities is buggy racing – officially Racing Kart Maspalomas.

Racing Kart Maspalomas

You can recognize the kart racing area by its bright blue colour and the big white “FUN BUGGY” written on the wall.

Racing Kart Maspalomas

Racing Kart Maspalomas Location

Racing Kart Maspalomas is located in the northern part of Maspalomas (actually already outside the resort town), close to Tablero de Maspalomas. You can get there taking the road GC-503/GC-504 to Ayagaures. You get to Racing Kart Maspalomas shortly (less than 1 km) after you have passed under the highway bridge. Racing Kart Maspalomas is very close to another tourist attraction – Aqualand Maspalomas. When you are coming from Maspalomas, Kart Maspalomas is on the left and Aqualand is on the right, about 200 metres after Kart Racing.

Racing Kart Maspalomas and Aqualand Maspalomas

The picture above shows both Racing Kart Maspalomas (blue, left) and Aqualand Maspalomas (the area with trees, right). The valley is named Barranco de Ayagaures. The village on the hill above Kart and Aqualand is Montaña de la Data.


Maspalomas is the most popular beach destination on Gran Canaria with superior golden sand beach and the famous Dunas de Maspalomas (Maspalomas Dunes), which make your way to and from the beach feel like a trip to Sahara. There are hundreds of hotels in Maspalomas offering wide range of styles and price levels. Of course Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles also offer endless choices of restaurants, clubs, shops and services.