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Hotels near Victoria Station

On this page you can search hotels near Victoria Station in London (Victoria is a train station, bus station, airport bus terminus, and tube station for District, Circle, and Victoria lines). You can filter or sort the hotels by price, stars, guest review rating, location, and several other criteria:

Hotels near Victoria Station by Category

The number of hotels near Victoria Station and in Central London is very high. If you don’t want to search through hundreds of hotels and only want to look at the hotels in your desired price and quality category, you can search hotels using the links below:

Hotels in Districts near Victoria Station

Victoria Station is situated in the City of Westminster (a London borough), south of Buckingham Palace and west of London Parliament. There are four districts near Victoria Station – if you want to find a hotel in a particular district, please use the links below:

Booking Hotels near Victoria Station in London

Victoria Station is the second biggest train station in the UK, an intersection of 3 tube lines (District, Circle, and Victoria line), London’s main international bus station, and a hub for London airport transfers. It is also very close to some of the most popular tourist areas in London. As a result, although there are many hotels near Victoria Station, many of them are often fully booked, sometimes long in advance. It is highly recommended to book hotels early, especially if you are not flexible with dates or on budget.