Fez Airport, Morocco (Fes Saiss)

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Fez Airport Basic Info

The medieval city of Fez in Morocco, the third biggest city and one of the top tourist destinations in the country, is served by Fes Saiss Airport (also spelled Fes Sais), located about 15 km from the city centre. The IATA code of Fes Saiss Airport is FEZ.

Airlines and Flights to Fez Airport

Fez Airport is considerably less busy in terms of direct flight connections and passenger traffic compared to the airports in Marrakech or Casablanca, but it has several direct flights to some European airports operated by low cost and traditional airlines, especially Ryanair, Jet4You, Transavia, and Royal Air Maroc.

Among the destinations with direct flights to Fez Airport are mainly French, Spanish, and German cities, but you will also find a few direct flights from the UK (London Stansted and Gatwick) and Italy. Royal Air Maroc flies between Fez Airport and Casablanca, which has flights to many destinations all around the world (most non-European visitors arrive to Morocco via Casablanca).

Fez Airport to City Transfers

The cheapest way how to get from Fez Airport to the city centre is the local bus. Bus number 16 gets you to the main train station in the new city of Fes in about 20-30 minutes and costs 3.5 dirhams. You can buy tickets on the bus. Note that it can be very hot and crowded.

There is also a direct airport shuttle bus from Fes Saiss to the centre, which costs Dh 20 and offers better comfort.

Taxi from Fez Airport to the city centre has a fixed price of Dh 120.

Hotels near Fez Airport

There are no hotels immediately at the Fez Airport and only a few hotels within 5-8 km range. The best option is to find accommodation in the city of Fez directly. Ville Nouvelle (the new city) is located closer to the Saiss Airport and also has much better transport coverage compared to the medina (which is car-free, so you always have to walk to the nearest gate).