Aqualand Gran Canaria

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Aqualand Gran Canaria in Maspalomas

Aqualand Gran Canaria is a huge water park and one of the top attractions for visitors, and not only those who stay in Maspalomas or Playa del Ingles – people come to Aqualand Maspalomas from other more distant beach resorts in the south of Gran Canaria like Puerto Rico, Taurito, or Playa de Mogan.

Aqualand Gran Canaria in Maspalomas - Entrance

Aqualand Gran Canaria Location

Aqualand Gran Canaria is located near Maspalomas, in the beginning of Barranco de Ayagaures (Ayagaures Valley).

Aqualand Gran Canaria and Barranco de Ayagaures

The picture above shows the beginning of Barranco de Ayagaures as seen from Tablero de Maspalomas. Aqualand Gran Canaria is the green area on the right side of the valley.

Other Gran Canaria Theme Parks

There are several other theme parks and attractions near Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles:

  • Mundo Aborigen – a theme park offering an excursion into the life of the original inhabitants of Gran Canaria, the Guanches. You can get there taking the road from Playa del Ingles to Fataga and San Bartolome; Mundo Aborigen is about 6 km from Playa del Ingles.
  • Camel Safari Park La Baranda – a tourist attraction with a taste of the nearby Africa. Camel Safari Park La Baranda has about 70 camels. It is situated in the countryside several kilometres from Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles.
  • Palmitos Park – a combination of a little natural park, zoo, botanical garden, and a theme park. Palmitos Park is primarily about exotic plants, flowers, birds, and animals. Palmitos Park is located a few kilometres from Aqualand Maspalomas (you continue down the same road).