Agadir Airport (Al Massira)

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Agadir Airport Basic Info

Al Massira Airport is the international airport for Agadir, the south Moroccan city mainly known as winter beach destination to Europeans. Agadir Airport is located about 20 km from the city centre and the beach resort. The IATA code of Agadir Al Massira is AGA.

Airlines Flying to Agadir Airport

There are several European low-cost, traditional, and charter airlines flying from various European airports to Agadir Al Massira. Many of them focus on the winter season, when European tourists come to Agadir to seek winter sun.

Among the airlines flying to Agadir Al Massira Airport are: Ryanair, Air Berlin, Jet4You, Thomsonfly, TUIfly, Jetairfly, Condor Airlines; among the traditional carriers Air France; and also Moroccan airlines Royal Air Maroc (flights to Casablanca), and Atlas Blue.

Agadir Airport Services and Facilities

Al Massira Airport has all the usual facilities you would look for at an airport: parking, currency exchange, cash machine, tourist info desk, post office, cafe, shops, travel agents, or car rentals. Wi-Fi internet access should be available in the airport terminal. Al Massira Airport is barrier free and accessible for disabled people.

Al Massira Airport to Agadir and Inezgane

Agadir Airport is quite far (about 20 km) from Agadir itself and walking is out of question. The best option how to get from Al Massira to Agadir city centre and beach is the taxi. There is a large taxi stand area in front of the terminal building. Taxis are regulated and the trip from Al Massira to Agadir city should cost about 150 Dh (200 Dh at night; prices are subject to change). Alternatively, you can take a bus to Inezgane, which is the main bus junction for the whole Greater Agadir area and has frequent bus connections to Agadir city and beach resort.

Hotels near Agadir Airport

When you land at Al Massira Airport, it feels a bit like being in the middle of a desert (which is partly the case, except that you are at an end of a desert). There are no hotels close to the airport (really, you can check here). Take a taxi to Agadir, where of course you can find a lot of hotels of all price and quality levels.